March 2012

I wanted to let all you Raging Chickens out there that the March issue of RCPress will be out soon! I had wanted to get the issue out today, but we had several last-minute submissions that I felt needed to go into the March issue. I think you’re going to think it will be worth [...]

 Growing up in Philadelphia and attending high school in center city, I have witnessed first-hand the harsh lifestyles and living conditions many homeless people endure.  Roman Catholic High School is located near the heart of Philadelphia; all around that area you can see members of the homeless community sleeping on metal grates in the winter [...]

Just a quick reminder that the submission deadline for the March issue of Raging Chicken Press is this Saturday, March 10th.  Check out our submission guidelines for more information. Or, If you have a project you are working on and you have questions, drop me an email at [email protected] Happy Rabble-Rousing, Kevin Mahoney Editor Zero [...]

I’m pleased to report that Raging Chicken Press had more readers in February than any other month since we launched in July 2011. And that’s following an amazing spike in readership in December. Our December issue featured our interview with Noam Chomsky discussing the Occupy movement, political will, and the role of universities in emerging [...]

Editor’s Note: “The Fracking News” comes to Raging Chicken Press by way of our new friends from Coalition for a Healthy County. The Coalition for a Healthy County (CHC) is a coalition of concerned citizens and local and state organizations actively engaging in a campaign to maintain the integrity of conservation zones surrounding several natural areas in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. [...]

Editor’s Note: PA Lt. Gov. Cawley came to Kutztown University on March 1, 2012 in an attempt to justify Governor Corbett’s latest austerity budget. Some students and community members showed up to let him know they were not buying what he was selling.”  3/2/2012: This is rough cut. Problems with audio need to be fixed. Still, [...]

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