Harrisburg Police Violently Arrest Disabled ADAPT Demonstrators

Protesting Governor Corbett’s and Welfare Secretary Gary Alexander’s policies that take away community based and home based health services, many members from ADAPT were arrested committing civil disobedience in Harrisburg yesterday.  As the video below shows, some of these arrests were violent.  You can see one activist getting pulled out of her wheelchair by her ponytail.  According to “Occupy Carlisle,” an Occupy Wall Street Livestreamer, up to 83 activists were arrested.

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  1. These People of the police state need some real law put into their face’s like teaching them real men don’t beat on the sick and injured. The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.These pig’s are doing what their bigger political pig bosse’s tell them to do and they do it with no feeling of remorse. I’m waiting on the day they pull someone’s ponytail and they end up gettin their just reward. STOP PROHIBITION and save HUMANITY!!!. Johnny Choronic59.

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