VIDEO: Chris Christie Takes House Leadership To the Woodshed

For the 112th “Know-Nothing” Congress – mainly the House of Representatives – to have waited  66 days to pass and delivered no federal aid to Hurricane Sandy victims is an irresponsible action by the government.  To delay a vote to deliver aid to the hurricane victims back another month is a  disgraceful by House Republican Leaders John Boehner and Eric Cantor.  Going into last night’s “Fiscal Cliff” vote, Eric Cantor was quoted that there was a “99.9% chance” that they would vote on a federal aid package for Hurricane Sandy victims, and they balked, which has created harsh bi-partisan criticism aimes at Boehner and Cantor on this decision.    And earlier this afternoon, Chris Christie pulled no punches and went right for the House Leadership. (I do think that Chris Christie was thinking about his obvious re-election next year and potential presidential nomination when he was talking to the media, but he said what was needed to be said.)


Sean Kitchen is an Assistant Editor and Social Media Organizer for Raging Chicken Press. He is student at Kutztown University.

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