Texas Tommy’s Commonwealth Education Policy: More Guns, Less Funding

Over the past couple of days the Raging Chicken Press has been uncovering Kutztown University’s revisions to its gun policy, and now the Allentown Morning Call has released another bombshell in this growing saga.

According to the Morning Call, the changes came from Governor Tom Corbett’s administration, and this directive from the governor’s administration may be hinting at revisions through the whole entire  State System of Higher Education.  The article reads as:

The directive that prompted Kutztown University to allow people to carry guns on campus came from Gov. Tom Corbett‘s administration.

Corbett’s office of General Counsel directed all 14 state-owned universities to review their policies restricting guns on campus to determine whether the policies would withstand constitutional muster, said Kutztown University spokesman Matt Santos.

So there you have it folks…In the era of gutting higher education and then cliff funding – or sustaining the cuts made to higher education – Governor Tom Corbett thinks it is more important to be strapping glocks than TI-83s.

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