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Kevin Mahoney is the Founder and Editor Zero of Raging Chicken Press. When he's not rabble-rousing on Raging Chicken, he's teaching rhetoric and writing at Kutztown University. Contact: Website | Facebook | Twitter | More Posts

Early this morning, students in the Philadelphia School District began walking out their school buildings as part of a student strike in support of their teachers. On Monday – one day after World Teachers Day – the Philadelphia School Reform Commission took the unprecedented move …

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared over at The Consulting Editor blog following the #BurnItDown Twitter action the last weekend in September. “An Adjunct Catching Fire” was a two-part guest post by “Adjunct Mockingjay.” We are reposting “An Adjunct Catching Fire” on Raging Chicken Press as …

Thanks to an unbelievable month – well over 53,000 visits in September – Raging Chicken Press hit a new milestone today: over 400,000 page visits. We would like to take a minute to just say thank you to all our contributors, members, supporters, and readers …

At the time of this post, we are about an hour an a half from the start of the historic People’s Climate March in New York City. When the March begins, this feed will go live.  

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