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Kevin Mahoney is the Founder and Editor Zero of Raging Chicken Press. When he's not rabble-rousing on Raging Chicken, he's teaching rhetoric and writing at Kutztown University. Contact: Website | Facebook | Twitter | More Posts

NEWS RELEASE SOURCE: Keystone Progress What’s Happening at the PA Progressive Summit? Here’s the basic schedule for the Summit weekend. Please note keynote times: Cecile Richards 6:00 Friday Night Bernie Sanders 9:00 Saturday Morning Register here.  Friday, February 6 Progressive Change Campaign School: How to …

Diana Hess, professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and author of The Political Classroom joins Rick to talk about educating the next generation about their society and encourage them to participate in their democracy. Listen to Diana’s interview HERE

Steven Singer, blogger joins Rick to talk about his latest entry on charter schools, the miracle cure and what Governor-elect Tom Wolf can do to improve public education. Listen to Steven’s interview HERE

Clovis Gallon, teacher and York City Education Association member talks the Christmas gift given by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to a For-Profit Charter school company and the lump of coal students, parents and taxpayers found in their stockings. Listen to Clovis’s interview HERE

Paul Secunda, Marquette University Law School professor and director of its labor and employment program joins Rick to talk about the radical scheme concocted by right-wing billionaires to strip workers in Wisconsin, and the rest of the nation of their rights on the job. Listen …

As a new Governor readies himself to take office in Harrisburg, one thing is likely not to change: Pennsylvania’s cozy relationship to big oil and gas and hydraulicfracturing or “fracking.” The Wolf team spoke to Politics PA after Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a ban on fracking …

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