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6.15.13: By a vote of 115-81, The Pennsylvania State Committee today passed a resolution to support a moratorium a halt, a stop, a cessation, and the first real hope for an ultimate end to the industrialized extraction of Pennsylvania. Thanks to awesome organizers like Karen Feridun of Berks Gas Truth and all of the other [...]

Part of what makes the controversy over whether the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) should use its considerable leverage to protect the Clarence Moore lands in Loyalsock State Forest from becoming a frack-gas factory wasteland for Anadarko Petroleum is that this should not be a subject of controversy at all. It’s hard to imagine, [...]

My name is Wendy Lynne Lee, and I’m a member of the Shale Justice Coalition. I’m an academic and a writer by profession, and a committed activist on behalf of social justice, animal welfare, and environmental integrity. I also take a lot of pictures, and I have made it my project to document in words [...]

4.24.13 Dear Sandra, I hope my letter finds you, and finds you well. I have followed and, where I could, photographed and documented the defense of Lake Seneca against those whom I have called the industrializing profiteers of the extreme extraction corporations, Inergy in this case. While my temptation is to draft a scorching analysis, I know [...]

Posted to Bloomsburg University faculty as if it were simply one more grant opportunity, The Center for Rural Pennsylvania–effectively an agent of Governor Corbett’s mission to sell off Pennsylvania to the natural gas extraction industries–offers BU professors the following: The Center for Rural Pennsylvania( ) is interested in working with faculty to study the potential [...]

1. The Magical Thinking of Richard Kinder-Stiltskin: Resources versus Reserves If ever an extraction corporation epitomized the spirit of 16th century philosopher Francis Bacon, it is surely Kinder Morgan Energy Partners (KMEP). But this isn’t merely because their record of fossil fuel transport and export rivals the company from which KMEP derives its major players—ENRON—for sheer [...]

 You have to wonder whether Sunbury mayor, Dave Persing, really has any very good idea—or even a glimmer of moral compass—about what might be involved in the Clean Harbors construction of a Marcellus Shale Waste Processing Facility smack-dab in the middle of that small city. Planned for the long-idled and stunning eyesore, the Knight-Celotex fiberboard [...]

Why Philosophy Matters to Fracking: The Past is the Future Long ago the foresightful German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche argued that human beings were the sorts of creatures who, in the quest to advance their own self-aggrandizing interests, were compelled to forget acts of violence willingly committed to those ends. And not only acts of violence, [...]

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