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I’m as deeply committed a union member/activist as they come. Standing shoulder to shoulder with something like 500 of my fellow APSCUF (Associated Pennsylvania College and University Faculty) members in the frigid cold for several hours in peaceful (though loud—at least me) protest of a contract proposal offered by the State System of Higher Education [...]

What’s most striking about Energy in Death’s Joe Massaro’s latest hit-piece, Corbett’s Corner Hears From Local Natural Gas Fractivists | Energy In Depth – Northeast Marcellus Initiative is that he writes as if he’s all ready for the backlash his patently absurd essay would naturally receive—but he knows he’ll have to deal with no such thing. That [...]

1. Energy in Depth’s Soldiers of Fracking-Fortune In her excellent PR Watch piece, ““Energy In Depth” – A Reporters’ Guide to Its Founding, Funding, and Flacks,” Lisa Graves spells out in copiously well-documented detail the purposes and funding sources of what can only be called a propaganda machine for corporations involved in hydraulic fracturing: In [...]

Merely “surreal” might describe the interview given by Aqua America’s CEO, Nick DeBenedictis, to Crissa Shoemaker DeBree did the fact that he is lying not portend such devastating consequences for so many people. The security of the nation’s water supply is an important, but often silent, priority for water companies, said the head of Aqua [...]

Editors Note:  This is the third piece in Wendy’s “The Good Ole’ Boy Extraction Club: The Pseudo-Patriotic and Pervasively Patriarchal Culture of Hydraulic Fracturing” Series.  Part 1 and Part 2 can be found on the hyperlinks.  The Department of Environmental Protection at Riverdale (Former) Mobile Home Community: The Failure to Inspect for Asbestos May 31st, [...]

One example of the complicity of some women in the promotion of the extraction industry is the exchange between Nicole Jacobs, Rachael Colley, and myself concerning my piece, ”The Good Ole’ Boy Extraction Club, (YouTube: The Good Ole’ Boy Extraction Club: The Pseudo-Patriotic and Pervasively Patriarchal Culture of Hydraulic Fracturing (Why Breast Cancer is the Canary in [...]

Enclosed is a Susquehanna University presentation of parts I-II of a longer research paper I will be posting in segments here and on Raging Chicken Press over the next two weeks. The title is: The Good Ole’ Boy Extraction Club: The Pseudo-Patriotic and Pervasively Patriarchal Culture of Hydraulic Fracturing (Why Breast Cancer is the Canary in the Fracking [...]

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