Field Notes

“the Free University” Brought to you by Occupy Kutztown The Free University curriculum is based around the direct actions that we will take on campus and in town.  The syllabus is based on the Economy, Community Agriculture and Environmental Issues in Pennsylvania.  The documentaries will start February 15, 2012, and will meet each Wednesday evening starting [...]

Occupy Allentown Video

November 16, 2011 // 2 Comments

Editor’s Note: I want to thank Alice for sending this video our way. Raging Chicken Press made a trip to Occupy Allentown on Friday, Nov. 11th to show our support and deliver supplies: 30 gallons of water, 2.5 pounds of organic fair-trade coffee, and two cases of organic soup cans. Thanks to everyone who was [...]

Are you participating in one of the more than 950 cities in 82 countries around the world today? Send Raging Chicken Press your pictures, stories, videos!  This is an amazing day and we need to document this moment from the ground up. Send your stories and/or media to [email protected]  

Occupy Kutztown – Day One

October 12, 2011 // 6 Comments

I got the chance to spend about an hour at the Occupy Kutztown action in front of the Wells Fargo Bank in Kutztown today. Despite the nasty weather, there was a pretty good turnout.  There were almost double the amount of people right at 11 am…I didn’t get there until around noon (had to go [...]

To Liberty Plaza’s Patriots: “Change the Hearts of the Oppressed September 21, 2011 “…but far more important was the effort to change the hearts of the oppressed. They needed to become unwilling to continue accepting their oppression, and to become determined to build a better society.” – “Tapping the Roots of Power” from Waging Nonviolent [...]

Raging Chicken Press adds #OCCUPYWALLSTREET feed

September 17, 2011 // 0 Comments

Readers of the Raging Chicken know that today marks the beginning of an unprecedented mass occupation of Wall Street.  In the September issue, Dustin Slaughter posed the question, “Will Occupying Wall Street be America’s Tahir Square Moment?”  Only time and the determination of tens of thousands of activists who have descended upon Wall Street with [...]

“The Sweetest Place on Earth” is looking a little more like a sequel to Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory these days after hundreds of  international students walked off their jobs and conducted a sit-in that halted production at a Hershey’s affiliated plant in Palmyra, PA  on August 17th. These students signed up for [...]

Editor’s Note: Raging Chicken Press will cover on the ground activist work as a way of documenting and demonstrating growing resistance to corporate takeover of our democracies. The national and even regional news is not committed to journalism that covers citizen actions and activism on a consistent basis.  Raging Chicken Press along with the growing [...]

Upon returning to Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in the Fall of 2011, students and faculty have no doubt noticed that the lawn behind Rickenbach Learning Center looks different. On Monday, May 9th, 2011—just two days after the final class of Early Learning Center children, their families, and KU education majors and faculty said a forced [...]

On the Ground with Verizon Workers on Strike!

September 12, 2011 // 1 Comment

Editor’s Note: Raging Chicken Press contributor Amanda Lynch Morris paid a visit to striking Verizon workers on Linden St. in Allentown on August 9, 2011.  More than 45,000 Verizon workers stood up to one of the most profitable corporations in the country and said ENOUGH!  Here’s to courage to all Verizon workers who staffed picket [...]

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