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Yesterday, current Philadelphia Federation of Teachers president, Jerry Jordan, made an appearance on the Rick Smith Show to discuss the union’s upcoming, contested election. Jordan and much of his leadership team are facing a significant challenge from the Caucus of Working Educators, group of rank-and-file PFT …

It appears that the Pennsylvania House is a black hole.  It is a place where sensible policy goes to die, and it’s latest legislative victim appears to be Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana law, Senate Bill 3. Since November, House Republicans have attached most of the 197 …

An End to the #PABudget?

December 22, 2015 // 0 Comments

UPDATE: The House of Representatives have passed the amendment by a 100-99 vote with three Representatives choosing not to vote.  As previously reported, the vote needed to be a 102 majority, but Speaker Turzai claimed that a simple majority was needed.   Reports are coming …

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