June 2012

Yesterday, two media events regarding the fate of the Philadelphia Public School District occurred.  Early in the day, Angela Couloumbis from reported that rumors of privatizing the whole entire school system are swirling around Harrisburg.  She reported that State Senator Vincent Hughes heard from places on high – or the Corbett administration –  that the district has [...]

More Jokes From the Penn State Trustees

June 30, 2012 // 2 Comments

Whenever I need a couple of laughs, I turn to the bumbling self-aggrandizing antics of the Pennsylvania legislature. However, in the past few months, the Penn State Board of Trustees has done the near-impossible; they have provided more laughs than the menagerie in Harrisburg. To call either the Legislators or the Trustees “clowns” would demean [...]

Remember that mobile home park that was the subject of my last post? The 32 families that were being displaced from their homes (without adequate compensation) to make way for a water-withdrawal facility to service the natural gas industry? Well, here’s a bit of an update… Over the past month, the residents, myself, and a variety of [...]

Every once in a while you come across a story that just gets more intriguing the more you dig. Yesterday, a friend of mine passed me a link about a labor dispute going on in California and it’s turning out to be a summer blockbuster. The dispute involves workers attempts to organize a union at [...]

“Here are two sets of photographs–juxtaposed on two very different nights. The first is the last night of the encampment before the police raid, Tuesday, June 12th. This was a magical evening, permeated by laughter, play, music, work–community–everything that we all pretend characterizes America and American values. But this night is no pretense. The pretense [...]

Romney and Bain: Americas Job Killers

June 26, 2012 // 0 Comments

JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.  This is all we hear about as every politician in the country rolls through New Hampshire.  Some are trying to be President, other are here supporting someone running for President.  Every campaign from local state representative to President of the United States, has had something to say about creating more jobs. The [...]

As we move further into the twenty-first century, I have come to the realization that many of us have forgotten where we came from. I would wager that many who are doctors, lawyers, elected officials and captains of industry came from humble means. Working class families – construction workers, maintenance people and factory workers, just [...]

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