For the past month, Governor Corbett has had a ghostworker scandal brewing within his administration, and with the most recent allegations about the scandal, it is time for Attorney General to investigate this subject. At the end of July, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported that former Department of Education Secretary Ronald Tomalis had been working [...]

Oh the hypocrisy. For the past year,Governor Corbett has been attacking the people who keep Pennsylvania, the government entity, running by creating this makers and takers argument when it comes to the pension crisis he’s been campaigning on.  During this time, the governor has been attacking, and blaming, the state unions for his failed pension [...]

Fighting For Universal Healthcare in Vermont

August 13, 2014 // 0 Comments

Hello everyone! Sean here… I am currently in Vermont with Put People First PA! and with groups from Maryland, Maine and Washington DC to help the Vermont Workers Center come up with ways to fund their universal healthcare system, which begins in 2017.  I’ll be blogging more about this later, but in the mean time [...]

As the Ronald Tomalis scandal unfolded, acting Department of Education Secretary Carolyn Dumaresq admitted to cleansing emails on a nightly basis, and that’s probably extremely illegal.   Now the conservative leaning Pittsburgh Tribune is calling the Corbett administration out on that admission.  They wrote: First, there are the meetings with political operatives in the governor’s office. While [...]

What Governor Corbett is doing to public education in Philadelphia is pretty sadistic.  When faced with crisis, Governor Corbett chooses to keep the Philadelphia School District in perpetual crisis mode.  School district won’t open in time?  Attack the teachers union, give the lowest possible amount of money to keep schools open.  Child dies of an [...]

#PAGov: Tom Corbett’s $140,000 Name Plate

August 4, 2014 // 0 Comments

I am away from my computer and blogging from my tablet and wireless keyboard so please mind the lack of hyperlinks in this blog… Last week the Pittsburgh Post Gazette released a bombshell story revealling that Governor Tom Corbett’s former education secretary, Ron Tomalis, is a ghost worker in the Pennslyvainia Department of Education.  The [...]

On Hardball earlier this evening, Chris Matthews covered Joni Ernst’s nullification video which was released by The Daily Beast.  In the video, the Iowa senatorial candidate said “as a U.S. senator, why should we be passing laws that the states are considering nullifying.” So Ernst is kinda for nullification and continued with “we are way overstepping bounds [...]

Here are some screenshots from Governor Corbett’s official account “@GovernorCorbett” and his campaign account “@CorbettForGov.”  A couple of days ago The Patriot News wrote: If anyone should know the fine line between official and campaign business, it’s perhaps Gov. Tom Corbett, whose investigation of Capitol corruption during his tenure as Attorney General put more than 20 people [...]

The NextGen Climate Super PAC released another video attacking, what else, Tom Corbett’s natural gas and education policy.  In the video, canvassers were asking Pittsburgh Pirates fans to stick “fracked up stickers” on Governor Corbett’s face.  Throughout the video, the canvassers brought up these three claims: The governor has refused to tax the oil and [...]

That’s rich folks, another Political Action Committee, Pennsylvania Families First, is taking a swing at Governor Tom Corbett’s education cuts and his handouts to the natural gas industry.  This ad is still scratching at the surface of Governor Corbett’s horrible education and natural gas record.  The governor has cut over a billion from public education [...]

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