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Let’s say you are the president of a state university in the wake of deep budget cuts by an austerity-minded legislature and Tea Party governor. Let’s also say that the Chancellor and the Board of Governors of your state university system has been drinking the …

Here are some of the “greatest hits” coming from the #PantsUpDontLoot hashtag.  This just shows that “Post Racial America” is just a bunch of bullshit. [View the story “#PantsUpDontLoot: The Hashtag for Post Racial White America” on Storify]

Yesterday, there was a monumental shake up in Harrisburg.  On the one side, the Pennsylvania House and Senate Democrats rewarded Frank Dermody, Jay Costa, Tim Briggs, Dan Frenkel and others responsible for the colossal 2014 Fuck Up – where Pennsylvania Democrats LOST 8 House seats …

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