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Mother’s Milk & Mace: A Poem For Ferguson

December 1, 2014 // 0 Comments

Editor’s Note: Another awesome post from the wonderful world of Virally Supressed: Muckraking for the Modern World out of Cincinnati, OH. This article was originally posted by Drew Gibson on Virally suppressed . After you read this, head on over to Virally suppressed and let Drew know that Raging Chicken …

Let’s say you are the president of a state university in the wake of deep budget cuts by an austerity-minded legislature and Tea Party governor. Let’s also say that the Chancellor and the Board of Governors of your state university system has been drinking the …

Here are some of the “greatest hits” coming from the #PantsUpDontLoot hashtag.  This just shows that “Post Racial America” is just a bunch of bullshit. [View the story “#PantsUpDontLoot: The Hashtag for Post Racial White America” on Storify]

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