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Why Philosophy Matters to Fracking: The Past is the Future Long ago the foresightful German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche argued that human beings were the sorts of creatures who, in the quest to advance their own self-aggrandizing interests, were compelled to forget acts of violence willingly committed to those ends. And not only acts of violence, [...]

Merely “surreal” might describe the interview given by Aqua America’s CEO, Nick DeBenedictis, to Crissa Shoemaker DeBree did the fact that he is lying not portend such devastating consequences for so many people. The security of the nation’s water supply is an important, but often silent, priority for water companies, said the head of Aqua [...]

Editors Note:  This is the third piece in Wendy’s “The Good Ole’ Boy Extraction Club: The Pseudo-Patriotic and Pervasively Patriarchal Culture of Hydraulic Fracturing” Series.  Part 1 and Part 2 can be found on the hyperlinks.  The Department of Environmental Protection at Riverdale (Former) Mobile Home Community: The Failure to Inspect for Asbestos May 31st, [...]

“Here are two sets of photographs–juxtaposed on two very different nights. The first is the last night of the encampment before the police raid, Tuesday, June 12th. This was a magical evening, permeated by laughter, play, music, work–community–everything that we all pretend characterizes America and American values. But this night is no pretense. The pretense [...]

Death of Riverdale & No More Rainbows

June 24, 2012 // 0 Comments

A small community in north central Pennsylvania is uprooted to make way for the fracking industry, Photographs by Stanley Rogouski, Wendy Lee, and Paul Weaver.       __________ Stanley Rogouski | Part time editorial writer. Part time fiction writer. Part time freelance photographer.  

Mother Jones Picks Up Riverdale Story

June 22, 2012 // 2 Comments

It was great to see that the story of Riverdale was picked up by a reporter for Mother Jones! Check out Xian Chiang-Waren’s article, “Trailer Park Evicted to Make Room for Fracking.” You’ll recognize several of the people referred to in the article from Wendy Lee’s Raging Chicken Press reporting. Also, thanks goes out to [...]

Today, I drove out to Riverdale to photograph whatever I could. I decided to leave when one of the security guards appeared to be calling the police. I made some folks very uncomfortable. They should be. They’re participating in the commission of a crime against humanity. Too strong a language? Hardly. The same company who [...]

This set of photographs chronicles the picnic held June 17th at what is now the corporate-destroyed community of Riverdale, Jersey Shore, PA. The residents and the activists–all of whom acted to resist the seizure of this property for Aqua America’s proposed water withdrawal station were here both to talk about what happened in the course [...]