Editor’s note: On November 13, 2013, ESU President Marcia Welsh wrote a Pocono Record Op-Ed responding to growing resistance to her decision to slash faculty and gut academic programs. Welsh claimed that “While the recent decisions made at ESU are unpopular with some, they are necessary.” ESU graduate student, Grace Kavanah, has become one of the most [...]

October 30th marked the first major deadline for PA State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) university presidents to notify the faculty union about faculty cuts. The contract between PASSHE and the faculty union, APSCUF, sets October 30th as the date by which tenured faculty members must be notified whether they will have a job the following [...]

Clarion University students and faculty gathered around 7 am this morning to protest Clarion University president, Karen Whitney’s, plan to gut faculty and programs. President Whitney released a revised “workforce plan” on Tuesday showing plans to eliminate several academic programs and cut 36 jobs, including 18 faculty members. Clarion University faculty and students almost immediately [...]

For the Pocono Record, East Stroudsburg professor Allen Benn took wrote an op-ed describing East Stroudsburg University’s retrenchment plan and criticized Kenn Long’s – ESU Vice President of Finance – justifications – which was also published in a Pocono Record story -  for faculty retrenchment. In the Pocono Record article that highlighted Ken Long’s concerns at ESU, Long is [...]

It’s not unusual for part of a political narrative to be over-simplified to better fit the whole, but when a Republican governor proposes using federal funds from Medicaid expansion under Obamacare for private health insurance instead only if the federal government agrees to restrictions they want to put on the Medicaid program, reporting that as [...]

Editor’s Note: Jean Jones, President of the Edinboro chapter of APSCUF, spoke to Edinboro University TV on October 8, 2013 about the university administration’s plan to cut over 40 faculty members. From the interview: I think the public emails from the president all over the campus have been unusual. The release of the plan to [...]

Editor’s Note: The following guest column was submitted to Raging Chicken Press today from State Rep. Frank Dermody’s press office. The ongoing government shutdown and Gov. Corbett’s foot-dragging on Medicare expansion leaves over 500,000 Pennsylvanian’s hanging out to dry. From our perspective, it’s good to finally see a stronger push by some state legislators to [...]

The editor of the Raging Chicken Press, Kevin Mahoney, was in contact with his State Representative, Paul Clymer, and posted Clymer’s response to a blog I wrote about Governor Corbett’s Corbettcare Expansion, which would give public money to private insurance companies and add work requirements in order for the poor and unemployed to recieve what [...]

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