Koch brothers

Editor’s Note: This is Steve Horn’s latest  piece that originally appeared over at DeSmogBlog.  In this piece, Steve reports on documents obtained under WI’s Public Records Acts and gives them some necessary context. Check out more of Steve’s work from DeSmogBlog and give everyone at DeSmogBlog some love - visit their site for some of the best research debunking misinformation about climate science on the web. [...]

While Pennsylvania’s corporate media has been all wrapped up in the micro-drama as to whether Gov. Tom Corbett will sign the budget passed by the General Assembly, little attention is being paid to what may be a preemptive strike against a Tom Wolf administration, should the Democrat win November’s gubernatorial election. And, the possibility of Wolf [...]

If the fall 2013 semester saw the term “retrenchment” – the elimination of faculty, programs, and jobs – become part of daily conversations on campuses of Pennsylvania’s state-owned universities (PASSHE), during the next several months we may witness the birth of the next phase in the slow destruction of public higher education in the Commonwealth. [...]

Besides not winning a Stanley Cup in 39 years, another reason as to why it sucks being a Philadelphia Flyers fan surfaced this week.  A document of VIP contributors to Koch Brother foundations was left in a Florida hotel and was leaked to Mother Jones.  According to the leaked document, Ed Snider’s son and daughter, [...]

David Cobb, the 2004 Green Party Presidential candidate, has been making his rounds across the country to promote the cause of ending corporate rule with the organization, Move to Amend.  His tour is part of Move to Amend’s 2013 Barnstorming Tours, which aims to educate the public  “in the tradition of the mighty Populist Movement” [...]

__________ Lee Camp is a stand-up comic. …Sometimes people make him write things too. He’s a contributor to The Onion and has performed stand-up comedy at events featuring Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Al Gore. If you like Lee Camp, you’ll be happy to hear that Moment of Clarity is a regular feature at Raging [...]

Today, August 2, 2011, is not a great day for those of us who spend many of our waking hours fighting against various aspects of neo-liberal hegemony. As of today, both houses of Congress passed and President Obama signed a bill to raise the nation’s debt ceiling; in that bill is also a radical realignment [...]