While Pennsylvania’s corporate media has been all wrapped up in the micro-drama as to whether Gov. Tom Corbett will sign the budget passed by the General Assembly, little attention is being paid to what may be a preemptive strike against a Tom Wolf administration, should the Democrat win November’s gubernatorial election. And, the possibility of Wolf [...]

To mimic Bill Clinton, it’s Corbett’s education record, stupid. While there is some merit that  Kathleen Kane’s well timed Jerry Sandusky report, like a week before the election, will harm Tom Corbett’s reelection ambitions, Corbett’s fate has been sealed since his attacks on public education and public higher education in his 2011 budget, and the [...]

The voters in the Pennsylvania Democratic Party appear to be unifying behind Tom Wolf and this chart explains why Governor Corbett may be looking for a new job in January.  Over the past three years, Franklin and Marshall polling (April 2014 numbers include the latest Muhlenberg / Morning Call Poll) has shown how education has become [...]

Nothing. On April 7, Josh Maxwell, a candidate in the democratic 74th House District primary, published an oped on the issues affecting higher public education in Pennsylvania and mentioned nothing, not a single word, about State Senator Andy Dinniman’s PASSHE secession legislation, formally known as Senate Bill 1275.  Back in February, State Senator Andy Dinniman [...]

On March 11, State Senators Tommy Tomlinson and Andy Dinniman unveiled their PASSHE secession legislation.  In the 14 university Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, Senate Bill 1275 will allow the small group of PASSHE “makers” – the schools who are strong financially – to secede from the PASSHE “takers” – the schools facing deep [...]

On Dismantling PASSHE: Privateers On Stage

March 18, 2014 // 3 Comments

Last week the PASSHE secessionists rolled out their PR wagons and hit the trail. On Tuesday March 11, Senators Tomlinson (R) and Dinniman (D) unveiled Senate Bill 1275 branded as “Stronger Pennsylvania Public Universities” during a morning press conference. The accompanying social media branding campaign sought to reinforce and cement a narrative of crisis, downplay [...]

Editor’s Note: Raging Chicken Press received this submission from a faculty member at West Chester University yesterday. Because the faculty member is “untenured,” we were asked to publish it under the name ““untenured and deeply concerned faculty member.” While we generally want to attribute all authorship and encourage people to seek “safety in the public [...]

As I sat in West Chester University’s Asplundh Hall on Thursday afternoon and listened to Senators Tomlinson and Dinniman explain how they introduced this bill merely to “start a discussion” and how they really “love public education” and desperately “welcome and respect our input”, I was struck with several stark realizations. First, was how ludicrous [...]

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