Last week North Carolina based hip hop artist J. Cole released a raw, solemn, and painful song in solidarity with the protests in Ferguson following the brutal shooting of Michael Brown. Cole released the song on SoundCloud on August 15th and as of today the song has been played over a million times. Cole accompanied his [...]

Today’s protest against University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) organized by the Pittsburgh-based coalition, Make It Our UPMC, is on-going as of this post. Here’s a version of today’s events as seen through the eyes of participants and their tweets:   [View the story "#UPMCWorkers & @MakeItOurUPMC" on Storify]

Later today, hundreds of community members will take to the streets to tell University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) officials that enough is enough. Enough of the poverty wages. Enough of the union-busting. Enough of the predatory insurance practices. Enough of the cut-throat corporate practices under the “non-profit” banner. Workers at UPMC are organizing a [...]

Poor People Aren’t Lazy, THEY’RE POOR!

July 1, 2014 // 1 Comment

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared over at Lehigh Valley Vanguard, a new progressive visual and literary publication based out of Easton, PA. Marlana Eck is the founder and Editor of the Lehigh Valley Vanguard. Be sure to check out their full site and give them some love. The Lehigh Valley Vanguard is sponsored by [...]

At 4:15 pm today, a broad coalition of community members, teachers, students, and parents will gather at the PA headquarters of ASPIRA – a national charter school operator. Teachers and parents will demand that the School District of Philadelphia deny ASPIRA’s attempts to takeover Munoz-Marin elementary school until ASPIRA allows its workers a fair path to forming [...]

Editor’s Note: This is the latest article by Marlana Eck. Marlana is the founder and editor of the brand-spanking-new publication, Lehigh Valley Vanguard, a progressive visual and literary publication based out of Easton. The Lehigh Valley Vanguard is sponsored by Raging Chicken Press. Thanks to the support of our members and contributors, here is a concrete example of [...]

Editor’s Note: Raging Chicken Press received this submission from a faculty member at West Chester University yesterday. Because the faculty member is “untenured,” we were asked to publish it under the name ““untenured and deeply concerned faculty member.” While we generally want to attribute all authorship and encourage people to seek “safety in the public [...]

A new multi-year campaign was launched on Thursday promising to serve as a united front against the student debt crisis and the defunding of public higher education. The “Higher Ed Not Debt” campaign describes its purpose as: a multi-year year campaign of dozens of organizations dedicated to tackling the crippling and ever-growing issue of student loan [...]

Fast food workers in over 100 U.S. cities took to the streets today to advocate for a living wage. Here’s a how coverage of the event from people on the ground looked on Twitter. For more background on today’s strikes, see Josh Eidelson’s article in Salon published this morning as strikers were first taking to the [...]

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