Wendy Lee

When the Friends of Vestal sponsored an anti-fracking art contest in Broome County’s Vestal Central School (Vestal, New York) which included a sketch of a baby laying on its back sucking from a gas can, caption underneath: “How will fracking effect you?” Rachael Colley, writer for fracking propaganda machine Energy In Depth felt compelled to [...]

Yes, it’s St. Patrick’s Day! It seems just too good to be publishing the March issue of Raging Chicken Press today. Here’s too it. Given that some of you may be in search in green beer later in the day, I’m going to cut to the chase and let you know what’s in this month’s [...]

Since about July of 2011, I have been involved both as a writer, a public intellectual, and as an activist in the anti-hydraulic fracturing (fracking) movement in North East Central Pennsylvania. I have written on this issue from a battery of different angles—from its consequences for the environment (particularly water sources), human and nonhuman health, [...]

It seems like getting the February issue out took FOREVER! I don’t know if that’s what it felt like for all of you out there, but it was certainly my experience. But, the important thing is that it’s out!  And, it’s kind of cool that we published the February issue on the one year anniversary [...]

Wow. It has been quite an amazing month and the December issue of Raging Chicken Press reflects the kind of month it has been. It’s also pretty clear that we are already bursting at the seams, ready to expand our site into new areas. I am going to spare you my end of  year reflections [...]

November Raging Chicken Press Finally Here!

November 16, 2011 // 0 Comments

Yes, the long wait is over. The November issue of Raging Chicken Press is up. I am hoping that you will think it was worth the wait. As you might imagine, the Occupy/99% movement takes the lion-share of the space this month. In fact, so much has happened and happened so quickly, that we had [...]

Occupy Well Street: Frack the Keystone XL

November 16, 2011 // 2 Comments

To the editor, Of all the CEOs who epitomize the corporate greed driving Occupy Wall Street, Chesapeake Energy’s Aubrey McClendon is the poster child. Pulling down 112.5 million in 2010, McClendon is the 1% who owes his mega-wealth to fracking. Drill baby, drill! EPA? Just some job-killing Communist government agency. How do we know? Governor [...]

In addition to getting the latest edition of Raging Chicken Press and weekly updates delivered right to your inbox each month, Raging Chicken Press is introducing another great reason to sign up. Each month, Raging Chicken Press highlights a featured book, usually a book that by one of the months authors or a related topic. [...]

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